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Maya At last report, Maya was a senior at George Washington University, and an active member of the APO service fraternity and the pre-law fraternity, PAD. She interned at the Washington, D.C. International Film Festival and their sister event, Arabian Sights Film Festival, and was a founding member of "Trick or Treat for Service", the organizer of an annual charitable event, and was the group's president. She also worked at the George Washington University Lerner Health and Wellness Center, where she was promoted to Assistant Manager while maintaining a 3.5 GPA. Read more -->>


Robert Robert continues to work full time as a programmer analyst at GEICO headquarters in Washington, DC where he develops quote generators, mobile apps, and automated emails/text messages using SQL and Java. He recently moved into a new department where he'll be using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. In his free time, he enjoys riding bikes around DC, meeting people from all over the world, and geeking out about public transportation, a new interest since graduating and moving to DC. On the side, he has a small part time job with ASL Trivia DC, where he writes the questions for their trivia competitions. On the second and fourth Mondays of every month, Read more -->>


Lauren Andrea just finished her first year teaching art at Garfield Elementary in Medina, Ohio. She tells us "I love my job and learn something new every day (mostly from the students) that makes working in the education field even more enjoyable and exciting." This summer she started graduate school and has completed two courses so far with two more workshops to go before school starts again in the fall of 2014. Read more -->>


Devorah Devorah continues to work at Intel, Inc. in Merrimack, NH, as a Technical Consulting Engineer where she does customer enabling for Intel Software products, such as compilers, libraries, and performance tools. She also participates in Intel software product releases. Devorah graduated from Arizona State University with a BSEE in Computer Systems Engineering with Information Assurance concentration in December, 2013. Read more -->>


Lauren Lauren, our second grantee from Arkansas, was attending Arkansas State University in Jonesboro at last report. She is a graduate of Southside High School in Batesville, AR, and has two siblings who have a significant hearing loss as well. She likewise comes highly recommended by her teachers and others she whom has worked with. Lauren was involved in multiple school activities, including Spanish Club and Future Business Leaders of America. Read more -->>


Ashley Ashley studied at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and did very well, enjoying her time in college. At last report, she was in nursing school completing her clinicals. From Louisiana, Ashley comes from a family of four, and was diagnosed with a severe hearing loss as a newborn. She was mainstreamed and did very well in high school, graduating with a GPA of 3.85. Read more -->>


Panagiota Tania recently completed a U.S. Fulbright Fellowship where she was based in Athens, Greece for one year researching and reporting on Europe's refugee crisis. She is now an independent reporter in Greece. Her work has been published in The Huffington Post, Reuters, and Mashable, among other publications. See a full list of her recent work here.
Read more -->>


Brooke Brooke still loves living in the Upper East Side of New York. She remains at the same healthcare advertising agency that she's been at since graduating from Michigan in 2012. She's now an Art Director and works primarily on oncology brands, in particular for drugs for non-small-cell lung cancer. She tells us she's been really enjoying the wide range of cuisine that Manhattan has to offer, and has taken up yoga. In February, 2015, she received the "Future Famers Award" from the MAHF (Medical Advertising Hall of Fame), which recognizes young individuals in the medical advertising industry who are destined to leave their mark. Read more -->>


Kylie Kylie is in the fourth and final year of her doctorate program at Ball State University in Audiology. She's interning at a private practice in Greenville, Ohio and upon graduation, plans to continue working at the same practice. She finds audiology a very rewarding career on many different levels. Kylie recently received awards from Ball State University and ISHA (Indiana Speech and Hearing Association) recognizing her as an outstanding student clinician. She recently purchased a home in Darke County, Ohio and has plans to get married in the fall of 2015. Read more -->>


Lindsay Lindsay is still working as a project manager for Consumer Testing Laboratories. Last year, she was awarded Associate of the Year for her work with one of her clients. She has volunteered as a children's leader for her church as well as with children with special needs. She's an aunt for five kids and loves spending time with them! Lindsay holds a Masters of Science in Leadership and Higher Education from John Brown University. Read more -->>


Megan Megan has pursued a career in journalism. As of 2012 she was in Germany doing public affairs work for the military. She was considering eventually going for a Masters in journalism. Megan is from California and an honors graduate of Gallaudet University and California State University at Long Beach. She came with superb recommendations, both from her college days as well as from more recent contacts. Read more -->>


Gabriel Gabriel finished his engineering program at RIT and moved to North Dakota, taking courses in linguistics at the University of North Dakota. He's tentatively planning to go to Egypt to teach ASL. Gabriel was home-schooled until he entered high school as a sophomore, where he quickly earned the respect of students and staff because of his leadership abilities and remarkable intellect. He was mainstreamed part time in public schools and the local community college, and graduated with a grade point of 3.92. Read more -->>


Erin Erin is still teaching Early Childhood Special Education at DC Prep, a charter school in Northeast DC. She is currently working with her supervisor to increase their capacity to provide proactive sensory and emotional supports for students to help them be successful in a rigorous academic environment. She is also planning to attend graduate school to obtain a Master's in Early Childhood Special Education. Read more -->>


Christine Christine successfully defended her thesis on territoriality and aggression in the Cerulean Warbler, a rare neo-tropical migrant that breeds in the Appalachia. No published studies had been conducted in western Maryland, so she is among the first to do research there, and now has a Master's in Conservation Biology and Applied Ecology. She is working as a consulting arborist for the Davey Tree Company under contract by the USDA to survey for the Asian Longhorned Beetle. Read more -->>


Soraya, of Gainesville, Florida, attended Miami-Dade Community College. She comes from a family of six children, four of whom are deaf or hard of hearing, with a single mother. Her hearing loss was diagnosed while she was in third grade, and she's dedicated her life to succeeding in spite of it. Initially she was mainstreamed, but spent her last two years in high school at the Florida School for the Deaf with her siblings. Read more -->>


Alexander Alexander is enrolled or recently graduated from Northeastern University, majoring in civil engineering with a minor in environmental science. He's been on the Dean's List. Recently he's been in co-op, working for SEA Consultants Inc., a private civil engineering firm; his experience cemented his decision to major in civil engineering. He has tutored a deaf person in math, is vice president of the Deaf Club, and is working on multiple collegiate and community service activities. Read more -->>


Alison Alison has completed her master's degree in Public Policy and now oversees two research projects for the Institute of Social Research (ISR) at the University of Michigan. She's otherwise doing well and enjoys her job. She started her graduate studies in 2011; she graduated from the U of M in the spring of 2007, after doing extremely well in college. Read more -->>


Susan Susan was the very first of her family to attend college. She hoped to become a registered nurse, and studied Medical Careers Technology in high school. When she applied to college she was told she couldn't enter the nursing program because of her hearing impairment. Susan refused to give up; she knew she could handle the job, and with a new cochlear implant and a hearing aid, proved she could hear IV buzzers, patient calls, and ringing telephones. Read more -->>


Connor Connor, our first grantee from Illinois, was diagnosed with a severe to profound bilateral hearing loss at age one, and was mainstreamed in his local public schools. He did very well there, including in high school where, despite taking a challenging curriculum, he maintained a stellar grade point average. During his school years, Connor was involved in Boy Scouts, volunteering at his local Humane Society, Read more -->>


Andrew At last report, Andrew was attending the State University of New York at Buffalo, with a biomedical engineering major. He did find some time to participate on the Ultimate Frisbee club team during his first year, and working in a restaurant to earn some spending money for next year. Andrew is from Buffalo, NY, and was a stellar high school student, a member of the National Honor Society, and during his high school years he took and passed six AP exams. Read more -->>


Mara Mara graduated in December 2015. Right now she works at a company called Vanguard Renewables, based just outside of Boston, which works to install anaerobic digesters on farms. It allows dairy farmers to break down manure and food waste material to create liquid fertilizer and methane gas, which is then burned and generates electricity to power the farm's electricity needs and also allows the farm to sell the excess electricity to the power company. Her specific job is that of Development Associate. Read more -->>


Kellynette Kellynette is starting her fourth and last year at Gallaudet University and will graduate in May 2016 with a dual degree in Social Work and Psychology. This coming year she will be doing her internship with Public Defenders Service in DC, and also will work as Director of Community Relations for the Student Body Government. In 2015 she completed her final general studies requirement during summer school, then went on a three-week trip to Cuba and watched the historic flag raising at the US Interest Section in Cuba on July 20th when the US and Cuba re-established diplomatic relations. Read more -->>


Daniel Daniel graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, with emphasis in the latter major this past May. He will start working in October 2016 at a Boston startup called Celect, led by two computer science professors at MIT. The company uses machine learning to help retailers increase their profits. It is his first job out of college and he is looking forward to working at the startup. Read more -->>



Christine Christine is our first grantee supported by the T.A.F.F.Y. Foundation. Christine continues to live in Rochester, New York. She took a position at Kohl's after graduating, and earlier this year moved on to become an associate at Walmart. She recently became engaged, and plans to get married in July of 2018.

Christine graduated from NTID/RIT in May 2015, receiving her Associates Degree in Applied Computer Technology, specializing in Computer Security. She was one of six NTID undergraduate students to be recognized by NTID; at a special luncheon during graduation she received the Outstanding Graduate Award for students earning associates degrees. Christine recently started working part time at Kohl's, as she looks for a full time position in computer technology. She's living in Rochester, NY.

At RIT, she was on the Dean's List. Her co-op assignment was supporting the computer Help Desk. She also volunteered for the Bloomfield Hills SCAMP Program, which is a summer camp for special needs children, and worked at RIT as a camp counselor for the Explore Your Future Program. Read more -->>



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