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Board Members

The board of directors is composed of the immediate family of Louise Tumarkin Zazove, and consists of the individuals who conceived of and established the Foundation.


Philip Zazove, M.D.
Philip Zazove is internationally known as a role model of a successful deaf physician. He has lectured nationwide, is the author of a highly reviewed and widely-sold autobiography When The Phone Rings, My Bed Shakes, and has conducted extensive research on the health of deaf and hard of hearing persons. He is interim chair of Family Medicine at the University of Michigan, and also is a member of multiple organizations related to people with hearing loss. He can be contacted at


Karen Williamson, Esq.
Karen Williamson, a lawyer, conceived of, organized and founded Williamson Legal Search, Inc., a lawyers' search, employment, and merger firm that was cited as one of the top ten lawyer search firms in the country. She had previously been a busy trial attorney in Maryland. She is now CEO of Barefoot Tess. She can be contacted at


Earl Zazove, M.D.
Earl Zazove, after a successful career as a physician, founded Zazove Associates, LLC, a portfolio management corporation that safely invests billions of dollars for individuals, partnerships, corporations and estates. Although semi-retired, Earl remains active as a nationally known consultant.


Barbara D. Reed, M.D., M.S.P.H.
Barbara Reed is an internationally renowned physician who practices at the University of Michigan Medical School. She's conducted extensive research on chronic pain in women, and is the author of numerous articles on the subject. She is interested in hearing loss because her husband is deaf. She can be reached at

Member At Large

Rebecca Davis, M.S.
Rebecca Davis currently works for the U. S. Education Delivery Institute (EDI), a non-profit organization that advises school systems and governmental agencies on educational matters. She's a graduate of Northwestern University, lives in Washington, D.C., and is the daughter of a father with profound hearing loss. She can be reached at


Board of Advisors

The Louise Tumarkin Zazove Foundation board of advisors provide expert guidance. These distinguished individuals have extensive knowledge and experience about hard of hearing people from multiple vantage points. They've generously consented to help the Foundation meet its mission and vision.

Kimberly A. Dodge, D.V.M., New York
Dr. Dodge, a practicing veterinarian, is Deaf and works as an emergency room veterinarian. She's a past chairman of the board of AMPHL (Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Loss).

Bruce Goldstein, J.D., New York
Mr. Goldstein is an attorney specializing in ADA law. He's a past president of the Alexander Graham Bell Association, the father of girls with severe hearing losses, and lives in Buffalo, New York.

Melvin Gray, M.D., Illinois
Dr. Gray is a well-known psychiatrist who has practiced in Chicago for several decades. He's Professor Emeritus at Midwestern University in Chicago, and has a significant interest in the impact that hearing loss has on the life of people with it.

Christopher Hunter, Michigan
Mr. Hunter is the past director of the Division on Deaf and Hard of Hearing for the Family Independence Agency, State of Michigan. He has recently retired, is Deaf and lives in Holt, Michigan.

Henry Kisor, Illinois
Mr. Kisor, who became profoundly deaf from meningitis as a young child, is the book editor for the Chicago Sun-Times. He's also an internationally renowned author of several books, some of them related to living with a profound hearing loss.

Ann Liming, Michigan
Ms. Liming has a severe hearing loss and is the past Hard of Hearing Specialist for the Division on Deaf and Heard of Hearing. She is a past President of the Board of Trustees for the National/International organization Self Help for Hard of Hearing People.

Patrick Stone, Ed.D., Washington
Dr. Stone is the former Executive Director of the Tucker-Maxon Oral School for the Deaf, Past President of the Alexander Graham Bell Association and Past President of the Council on Education of the Deaf. He is now a professor at Washington State University and lives in Washington. He lives in Portland, Oregon.