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Four Days
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Our Grantees

Kayla Kayla is from Pennsylvania. She was mainstreamed at West Allegheny High. Kayla has been incredibly active in her community. Over the last six years, she has educated over 1000 people yearly about deafness. She has also been involved as a volunteer at the Angel Ridge Animal Sanctuary. Kayla excelled with a 4.0 high school GPA, while also taking some college classes at Robert Morris University. In addition to her studies, she was active in numerous extra-curricular activities. Read more -->>


Celine Celine is from California. She will be a second-year student at San Diego State University in fall of 2017 after a successful high school career during which she was selected for leadership roles. Celine graduated high school with a 3.95 GPA, and was involved in student council, national charity league (where she was selected secretary for her class), Motown Experience (captain her last year) -- a performing arts troupe, and the school volleyball team. She's also a violinist. Read more -->>


Emma Emma is from Pennsylvania. She has a passion for the arts, as evidenced by her numerous endeavors, including writing plays. Her senior project was writing a play about her life as someone with significant hearing loss, and this has since been staged in a theater. Emma was a straight A student in high school. She has been involved in many activities in the arts, including the Philadelphia Young Playwrights. Read more -->>


Michael Michael is from Connecticut. He is a triplet, though the only one with a hearing loss, and a profound one at that. He has had to overcome numerous health issues while growing up, as a result of a congenital medical problem, yet hasn't let that stop him. Michael was mainstreamed, despite the initial recommendations of experts to attend a Deaf school, and did well. He participated in basketball and bowling when he was not studying. He also was involved in the Best Buddies program. Read more -->>


Evelyn Evelyn spent the last semester working and establishing residency in Washington, and developed a video about hearing loss called, "Like the Mic". She is currently working on a public service announcement of her own to promote hearing loss awareness. Evelyn maintained a 4.0 grade point average in high school while completing it in three years. A member of the national honor society, she also participated in sports, robotics, and drama extracurricular activities. Read more -->>


Connor Connor recently told us that he "loves the college life in Ann Arbor. With one year in the books, I have a 3.847 GPA." He's finding all of his classes fascinating. In 2016, he started his own wrestling gear company, Wrestle Boutique, that sells three different models of wrestling shoes, wrestling singlets, merchandise, and other wrestling gear. All of his products sold out within minutes! His Instagram page now has over 12,000 followers. Read more -->>


Kiran Kiran is still interested in architecture as her major. Last summer, she did summer school to get her general education courses done, to free up more time for architecture classes. She continues to learn about construction and practices her sketching skills as well as get more experience with architecture software. Kiran currently lives in Oregon, but was originally from India, where she was adopted by her parents from Mother Theresa's orphanage. She excelled in high school. Read more -->>


Eleanor Eleanor is from southern Illinois. She attended Parkland College where she excelled with a 3.8 GPA, and will be transferring to the University of Illinois in the fall of 2015. She has a goal to become a speech pathologist or elementary school teacher. During her high school years, she graduated magna cum laude and was inducted into the National Honor Society because of her stellar grades. She was involved in volunteer activities such as the yearbook, marching band, and Family, Career, And Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). Read more -->>


Jennifer This will be Jennifer's final year attending California State University, Northridge where she's majoring in Child and Adolescent Development with a minor in Recreation Management. She's been busy the past year. She tutored Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing college students, was a teacher assistant for a English class, and interned at the Child and Family Guidance Center. She also was accepted to work as a camp counselor and horse staff at Camp Pacifica until it was canceled due to the heavy smoke from Detwiler fire. Read more -->>


Kinza Kinza is the daughter of two immigrants, and has a younger sister who also has a severe hearing loss. Despite not hearing well, she was very involved in her high school chamber and symphony orchestras. She was also on the student council. Kinza did quite well in school, both in terms of her grades as well as leadership, as evidenced by one teacher who said, "Kinza is a highly motivated student who demonstrates strong leadership skills and exception self-confidence." Read more -->>


Scott Scott finished up year four of five in his program at Rochester Institute of Technology. He spent the spring semester on co-op, working at RIT's SITO office, which is a student-only team that produces a major academic application used by several thousand students. Among other responsibilities, he got to architect a complete overhaul of the system, resulting in a dramatic speedup for users. He also had non-technical responsibilities such as leading meetings and reviewing resumes of applicants for the next team. Read more -->>


Rivka Rivka is now in nursing school, and is really enjoying it. She's experienced a whole range of activities ranging from bonding with people who have mental disorders to seeing babies born. She also has learned that "creating genuine friendships balance and sweeten our lives." Rivka has advice for new students stepping into college: "Be your authentic self. Meet people outside of your normal circle, ethnic background, and major. Explore the resources that are oftentimes under your nose..." Read more -->>



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