Scholarship Recipients

Adria is currently a 4th year Computer Engineering major at Rochester Institute of Technology. The past year, she participated in the Women in Engineering club, trying to encourage her female peers to achieve their goals. She is enjoying her college experience.

From Massachusetts, Adrita has always done extraordinarily well academically, graduating high school with a 4.23 GPA. Because of her academic and overall excellence, she won multiple major awards in high school, including the Dr. Richard Thompson award given to the student who embodies qualities of scholarship and leadership. Of note, she has a hearing twin sister, who's been a strong supporter of her all their lives.

During her career to date, Adrita's been involved in numerous activities. She's been a mentor for Junior FIRST LEGO -- a program to build interest in science and engineering in kids. She's also been an Academic Bowl team member (co-captain senior year), on the basketball team, manager of the yearbook, a columnist for the high school newspaper, and run in the Providence Marathon. Her recommendations practically glow in the dark, with statements such as: "Adrita is every teacher's dream", "She is an outstanding individual with a tremendous work ethic", and "Adrita truly is a leader in the school community...and extracurricular activities."