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Four Days
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Scholarship Recipients

Andrew Schultz Andrew is attending the State University of New York at Buffalo, and has declared as a biomedical engineering major. He did find some time to participate on the Ultimate Frisbee club team during his first year.

Andrew is from Buffalo, NY, and was a stellar high school student, a member of the National Honor Society, and during his high school years he took and passed 6 AP exams (European History, Calculus, Language, Biology, American History, and Chemistry). Moreover, Andrew was involved in multiple activities. These included Boy Scouts (where he received the Junior Scoutmaster award), the chess club, and the track team, where he both ran and threw the shot put and discus. Despite his profound hearing loss, he was also in the marching band. His letters of recommendation clearly attested to his extensive and widespread accomplishments to date. Andrew has worked at the Bayport Flower Houses during high school, and was heavily involved in community service, such as cleaning up the beaches and helping establish a memorial for a policeman killed in the line of duty.

Andrew comes from a family where multiple people have hearing losses; he and his mother both have cochlear implants and he has two older sisters with significant hearing losses.