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Four Days
in Michigan

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Scholarship Recipients

Christine Gerard Christine is our first grantee supported by the T.A.F.F.Y. Foundation. Christine got engaged this past year and the wedding will be in July 2018 at a church in Rochester, NY. The wedding reception will be at Red Wing Stadium (the AAA baseball farm club for the Minnesota Twins)! She is currently working as para-teaching aide and substitute for deaf students at Rochester School for the Deaf as well as working retail at Walmart.

Christine graduated from NTID/RIT in May 2015, receiving her Associates Degree in Applied Computer Technology, specializing in Computer Security. She was one of six NTID undergraduate students to be recognized by NTID; at a special luncheon during graduation she received the Outstanding Graduate Award for students earning associates degrees.

At RIT, she was on the Dean's List. Her co-op assignment was supporting the computer Help Desk. She also volunteered for the Bloomfield Hills SCAMP Program, which is a summer camp for special needs children, and worked at RIT as a camp counselor for the Explore Your Future Program.

Christine grew up in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She is a triplet (she has two other sisters), and developed complications from the premature birth resulting in not only having a profound hearing loss but also in developing cerebral palsy. Nevertheless, she's been able to overcome these physical barriers in a most remarkable way. She has been involved in school plays (e.g., she was Tiger Lily in Peter Pan), has worked as a camp counselor, and was involved in the Academic Bowl at Gallaudet University's summer program. She's also worked at DeafCan, a well-known Michigan organization that supports people with hearing loss, including representing them at the Michigan Deaf Festival.