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Four Days
in Michigan

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Scholarship Recipients

Connor G Connor finished his second-to-last semester as a computer science undergraduate, and spent the summer in Denver working at Bentek Energy. He plans to finish school in December 2015. He also volunteered at an animal shelter and took additional online courses to sharpen his network/software security knowledge.

In the past he interned at McGraw-Hill Financial in downtown Denver doing data collection. He also participated in Startup Summer, an entrepreneurship program that holds regular classes after work hours in Denver. It is hosted by various successful startups, venture-capitalism firms, law offices, and others who generously lend their time to teach what it takes to successfully launch a company's product or service.

Connor also joined several campus organizations dedicated to learning investment strategies and techniques. He established a mock trading account and trades stocks actively in concert with other students.

Connor, our first grantee from Illinois, was diagnosed with a severe to profound bilateral hearing loss at age one, and was mainstreamed in his local public schools. He did very well there, including in high school where, despite taking a challenging curriculum, he maintained a stellar grade point average. During his high school years, Connor was involved in numerous activities. Some of these include the Boy Scouts, volunteering at his local Humane Society for several years, playing tennis for his high school as well as teaching tennis for the local park district, and being a member of his high school's Psychology Club. His letters of recommendation lauded him both for his scholastic accomplishments as well as for the high quality person he is.