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Four Days
in Michigan

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Scholarship Recipients

David graduated from California State University Channel Islands with a BS in Applied Physics and a Minor in Math. He is currently working part time as a compliance analyst.

David is our second grantee from California. He grew up with his younger brother and parents, and was also mainstreamed in high school. David has Goldenhar Syndrome, and has had 16 major surgeries, including a permanent tracheostomy. However, that hasn't limited him in any way. He was involved in numerous activities, including the basketball and baseball teams. He also worked at his local Jewish Community Center.

David excelled academically, being a regular member of the school's Dean's List. His letters of recommendations had wonderful comments such as "His passion and dedication for the sciences emanates through the class and instills a passion for learning among all in his presence," and "In more than 30 years as a teacher, I have never taught a person who has overcome such significant physical and health problems with such grace, good humor, and relentless will." David will be attending California State University, majoring in physics.