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Four Days
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Scholarship Recipients

Evelyn Evelyn is from Alaska. She lost her hearing from meningitis as a younger child. Despite that, she maintained a 4.0 grade point average in high school while completing it in three years. In order to help her family make ends meet, she worked while going through school, as well as volunteered in various community organizations. A member of the national honor society, she also participated in sports, robotics, and drama extracurricular activities.

Evelyn has a cochlear implant, which she received after recovering from meningitis. Her letters attest to her excellence in many areas, with comments like, "her strength of character, academic performance, and character are of the highest quality." She will attend college at the University of Washington, Seattle, where she plans to study to become an audiologist and help other deaf children.

She spent the last semester working and establishing residency in Washington. During this time, she developed a video about hearing loss called "Like the Mic" and is currently working on a public service announcement of her own to promote hearing loss awareness.