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Four Days
in Michigan

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Scholarship Recipients

Mara This was Jennifer's final year attending California State University, Northridge where she graduated with a BA in Child and Adolescent Development with a minor in Recreation Management. Although her final college term was all about juggling school, work, California Educator Credentialing Examinations, and life, Jennifer had a great semester. She was on the committee for the Deaf CSUNians Club as a recreational chairperson and captained several intramural teams (volleyball, flag football, softball, and dodgeball). In the summer she started an MA program in bilingual education at University of California, San Diego (UCSD), and has already begun her initial placement at an elementary school as part of this training.

At CSU, she tutored Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing college students, was a teacher assistant for an English class, and interned at the Child and Family Guidance Center. She has grown a lot personally and professionally since interning for them. She also was accepted to work as a camp counselor and horse staff at Camp Pacifica until it was canceled due to the heavy smoke from Detwiler fire.

Born to Deaf parents, Jennifer graduated from the Michigan School for the Deaf with a 3.9 GPA where she was salutatorian. All four years she was on the Academic Bowl team and won awards at meets; Drama Club (in plays); and the volleyball, basketball, and track teams (honorable mention all-state). She was also class president, and on the yearbook staff for three years.

In addition to all of this, she has a passion for public service. Jennifer estimates she volunteered over 4000 hours during high school. Her activities ranged from teaching sports to younger children, raising money for breast cancer, being a motivational speaker at the Michigan EDHI, and volunteering at the local children's hospital.

Jennifer is considering further training with a goal of becoming a teacher and camp director for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students as well as a parent educator for hearing parents with Deaf children.

In addition to her schoolwork at Northridge, she participated in the Triathlon Club. She also went to Costa Rica and participated in a week-long Ecology Project International program to study sea turtles. While there she got to experience releasing five baby leatherback sea turtles and to witness a full-grown leatherback, an experience that has stimulated a desire to go back and volunteer at the Pacuare Nature Reserve, as well as volunteer with organizations in California focusing on saving sea turtles.