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Four Days
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Scholarship Recipients

Kellynette Kellynette graduated from Springfield College with her Masters in Social Work (MSW) from Gallaudet University in May 2018. She continues to work full-time at Springfield College as a Community Involvement and Program Liaison.

She did her internship with Public Defenders Service in DC, and also worked as Director of Community Relations for the Student Body Government. In 2015 she went on a three-week trip to Cuba and watched the historic flag raising at the US Interest Section in Cuba on July 20th when the US and Cuba re-established diplomatic relations.

She has always been involved in multiple organizations, including the Latino Student Union (Vice President; Community Service Coordinator), Peer Mentor for Student Success, Academic Bowl Ambassador, Keeping the Promise, Sisters of Color, National Academic Bowl competition (team host). Moreover, she was selected to sign a children's book using American Sign Language for competition for elementary and middle schools called Battle of the Books.

Kellynette is from Massachusetts, and was mainstreamed at Newton North High School. In addition to her stellar academic work, she was involved in extra-curricular activities, including three years working on the school newspaper, being on the academic bowl team, and being a member of the yearbook staff. She received several awards too, including the award for academic excellence in history and the Mark Stetson Memorial award. Kellynette managed to do all this while working part-time in the local supermarket to help pay the bills (she lived in a single-parent household).