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Four Days
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Scholarship Recipients

Kiran Kiran currently lives in Oregon, but was originally from India, where she was adopted by her parents from Mother Theresa's orphanage. She excelled in high school, where in addition to obtaining a varsity letter in tennis (as a freshman!), she was heavily involved in volunteer and community service projects. The latter included working at a food bank, at the Salvation Army, with at risk youth, and with the Forest Service.

Kiran writes a blog about what it's like living with a cochlear implant, and has been in contact with people around the world. Her teachers call her a "truly outstanding human being." She will be attending the University of Oregon. She plans to become an architect, after having spent an internship with a local architect.

She's still interested in architecture as her major. Last summer, Kiran did summer school to get her general education courses done, to free up more time for architecture classes. She continues to learn about construction and practices her sketching skills as well as get more experience with architecture software.