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Scholarship Recipients

Mara Mara graduated in December 2015. She spent much of the past year working at a farm-based renewable energy developer in New England, responsible for the development of and the permitting process for many different projects. She is now gearing to start a new job with her alma mater, Northeastern University, to work with their freshman study-abroad program in Dublin, Ireland. She is very excited for the opportunity to live abroad and to begin working in the field of higher education.

She spent the summer of 2015 cycling from Seattle to San Francisco, over 1000 miles. Prior to the trip, she spent six months working as a co-op for a solar developer based in Boston.

In college, Mara was involved with multiple student organizations, serving on the executive board for the environmental science major group on campus, as a peer tutor in the college of science, and as a teaching assistant for a co-op preparatory class. She was also a student representative on Northeastern University's President-created Social Impact Council, which examines issues related to the impacts that university has on students and faculty and the surrounding communities and global community, and will develop policies or plans for changing or encouraging those impacts. She was a recipient of the Huntington 100, a prestigious award given annually to the 100 most influential students on campus.

Mara studied abroad, studying the Balkan Wars of the 1990s where they actually occurred -- in Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Serbia -- and gaining an understanding of conflicts that lead to war. Then she studied Polynesian cultures and ecosystems overseas in American Samoa, Fiji, and New Zealand. Mara managed to do all these things while maintaining excellence academic standing.

Mara is from Connecticut. In high school, she mainstreamed and was a member of the National Honor Society, the Principal's Advisory Council, the Ecology Club, Girl Scouts, and the varsity cross country team, where she was captain. She continued her activities in college, where she's been a member of the Husky Environmental Action Team, the Division 1 level cross-country team, the Outing Club, and Campus Girl Scouts, where she mentored younger women. Mara was a winner of the national IBM Watson Scholarship, which is based on academic criteria.