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Four Days
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Scholarship Recipients

Alexander Alexander is enrolled or recently graduated from Northeastern University, majoring in civil engineering with a minor in environmental science. He's been on the Dean's List. Recently he's been in co-op, working for SEA Consultants Inc., a private civil engineering firm; his experience cemented his decision to major in civil engineering. He has tutored a deaf person in math, is vice president of the Deaf Club, and is working on multiple collegiate (e.g., Deaf Awareness Week) and community service activities (e.g., helping to design a bridge for a Boston park). He plans a career in sustainable design engineering.

As the only deaf student in his high school, Alexander overcame the enormous hurdles and challenges he faced. He immersed himself in a demanding college preparatory program, and by consistently doing honors-level work, he graduated fifth in his class. In recognition of his academic achievements, he was inducted into the Hadley Chapter of the Pro Merito Honor Society during his junior year and later became vice president of the chapter.

In addition to his studies, he played basketball and participated in many other extracurricular activities. He was a class officer in both his junior and senior years, and also active in the school's Mock Trial Team, where he had one of the highest individual scores. He volunteered his time on the Environmental Committee, which was responsible for getting the school's waste paper recycled, and participated in Boys' State in Boston as a representative of his school.

His teachers described him as mature, self-confident, diligent, responsible, polite, conscientious, and insightful. Friendly and outgoing, he helped other students both in and out of class, and was popular with classmates as well as school staff.