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Four Days
in Michigan

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Scholarship Recipients

Brooke Brooke still loves living in the Upper East Side of New York. She remains at the same healthcare advertising agency that she's been at since graduating from Michigan in 2012. She's now an Art Director and works primarily on oncology brands, in particular for drugs for non-small-cell lung cancer. She tells us she's been really enjoying the wide range of cuisine that Manhattan has to offer, and has taken up yoga. In February, 2015, she received the "Future Famers Award" from the MAHF (Medical Advertising Hall of Fame), which recognizes young individuals in the medical advertising industry who are destined to leave their mark.

Brooke graduated from the University of Michigan in spring of 2012 with a degree in communications, and worked as a Project Coordinator at LLNS Healthcare Communications.

Brooke, from New York, not only did very well in high school, but was also involved in numerous other activities. She captained the varsity tennis team, was the American Sign Language Honor Society President, is a member of the National Organization for Women and the National Honor Society, and played in the school's marching band among many other things. She received a cochlear implant midway through her school years. Nevertheless, she became very involved in HearUs as a mentor for other people with severe hearing loss like hers, and has spoken at Speech and Hearing conventions. She also received the young woman of the year award in her community from the National Organization of Women.

Brooke's recommendations mention that she is considered a "strong leader in our school" and that "one rarely meets such a focused, sincere, intelligent, yet modest individual as Brooke."