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Scholarship Recipients

Celine Celine is from California. She will be a second-year student at San Diego State University in fall of 2017 after a successful high school career during which she was selected for leadership roles. She was on the Dean's list for her second year of college and was selected to be a resident advisor in a dorm next year. Of note, she has a sister who also has a hearing loss.

During high school, Celine did quite well. She graduated with a 3.95 GPA, and was involved in many activities. Some of these were: student council, national charity league (where she was selected secretary for her class), Motown Experience (captain her last year) -- a performing arts troupe, and the school volleyball team. Moreover, she's a violinist.

Celine has continued to be active in college, involving herself in many varied activities. She currently plans to become an audiologist and "pay it forward" as she puts it.