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Scholarship Recipients

Christine Christine successfully defended her thesis on territoriality and aggression in the Cerulean Warbler, a rare neo-tropical migrant that breeds in the Appalachia. No published studies had been conducted in western Maryland, so she is among the first to do research there, and now has a Master's in Conservation Biology and Applied Ecology.

She is working as a consulting arborist for the Davey Tree Company under contract by the USDA to survey for the Asian Longhorned Beetle (an exotic wood boring beetle that has infested trees in the Worcester area). She plans to obtain a Pesticide Applicator's license, as well as become certified by the state and internationally as an arborist. Previously, Christine completed her classes at Frostburg in 2013 with a 4.0 GPA.

From Grafton, Massachusetts, Christine was mainstreamed at Grafton Memorial High where she was also mentored by teachers from the Clarke School for the Deaf. Despite her severe bilateral hearing loss, she excelled academically. Her recommendations attest to her outstanding potential, as exemplified by the statement, "...she is one of the rare students who teachers say can do anything."

Over the years, Christine has been involved in numerous activities. She was a Girl Scout since the first grade and while in high school, as one of her scout projects, she developed a highly-acclaimed brochure for children about staying safe in an outdoor environment. She has had a lifelong strong interest in animals, too, and worked at a local kennel and volunteered for the New England Assistive Dog Services. Her employers there raved about her. Her other activities included involvement with the yearbook staff, cultural enrichment club, the school play, indoor and outdoor track, and volunteering.