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Scholarship Recipients

Devorah Devorah continues to work at Intel Corp, where things continue to go well. She reports she's nearing the empty nest phase with only one child still at home.

Devorah graduated from Arizona State University with a BSEE in Computer Systems Engineering with Information Assurance concentration in December, 2013. She originally attended community college, earning a 3.5 GPA, and was then admitted into the ASU Engineering College's Honors program.

Devorah, from Arizona, has a stellar record of achievement. She was born in Moscow, lost her hearing at age one, and was taught in the Moscow Michaelian's School #30 for hard of hearing children. At the age of seventeen she immigrated to the United States, eventually becoming an American citizen. Despite having to learn a new language, she has flourished in this country. After getting married and having 4 children, she decided to go back to school to get her education while simultaneously taking care of her family.

Devorah has also been involved in multiple community activities, including being treasurer of her children's school's PTO and working as an intern at the Arizona Department of Water Resources. Her recommendations are superb, with comments such as that she is an "exceptional individual" and someone who "has tremendous potential to contribute to our society."