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Four Days
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Gabriel finished his engineering program at RIT and moved to North Dakota, taking courses in linguistics at the University of North Dakota. He's tentatively planning to go to Egypt to teach ASL.

Gabriel was home-schooled until he entered high school as a sophomore, where he quickly earned the respect of students and staff because of his leadership abilities and remarkable intellect. He was mainstreamed part time in public schools and the local community college, and graduated with a grade point of 3.92. Teachers described him as a student with rare potential. One commented on his "thirst for learning, and excellent self-motivation." Another wrote, "He's mature, dependable, well-mannered, cooperative, and creative." And another asserted, "Our staff cannot imagine any limits to the possibilities in Gabe's future."

During his high school years, Gabriel had many extracurricular interests. He was treasurer of the Student Body Government in 2003-2004, and the following year became its president. Among other activities and honors, he was a student representative on the NCSD Human Rights Committee, a Governor's Page at the State Legislature, and was elected president of the senior class. His numerous awards include Science Student of the Year, Academic Bowl in 2003, 2004, and 2006 (when he won Outstanding Player Award), and first place in the North Carolina Scholastic Chess Championship.