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Scholarship Recipients

Lindsay Lindsay finished working for Consumer Testing Laboratories in June (3 years as a chemist and 4 years as a project manager). In July, she began working for her church's special needs ministry as a full-time coordinator after volunteering with this program for 4 years. She really enjoys helping families with special needs in her church community. She’s also engaged to be married and will get married in November, after which they’ll live in Kansas.

Last year, she was awarded Associate of the Year for her work with one of her clients. The research with which Lindsay assisted at the University of Iowa -- sponsored by Research Experience for Undergraduates -- is published. (Analyst, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2011, 136 (17), 3469 - 3477: "Varying nanoparticle pseudostationary phase plug length during capillary electrophoresis.")

Lindsay holds a Master of Science in Leadership and Higher Education from John Brown University. From Oklahoma, Lindsay is from a family of six. She majored in biochemistry and maintained close to an A average, despite handling a rigorous premedical curriculum. Because of her stellar work in the honors program, she was selected to present a paper at the Great Lakes Honors Conference in Oklahoma City.

She is felt to be "...a passionate student, a disciplined worker, a terrific leader, and an all-around good person." We are proud to have her as one of our grantees.