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Four Days
in Michigan

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Scholarship Recipients

Micheal S Michael is from Connecticut. He is a triplet, though the only one with a hearing loss, and a profound one at that. He has had to overcome numerous health issues while growing up, as a result of a congenital medical problem, yet hasn't let that stop him.

Michael was mainstreamed, despite the initial recommendations of experts to attend a Deaf school, and did well. He participated in basketball and bowling when he was not studying. He also was involved in the Best Buddies program. He has been awarded multiple honors and awards, including being selected to competitive camps. He was involved in the local Toastmasters International program. In addition, he was selected by his principal to be the student representative on their VOICES program to address various issues in the school.

Michael will be attending Gallaudet University this fall. He currently plans to become a social worker.