Scholarship Recipients

Rivka Rivka has recently started a strength-training regimen and introduced herself to rock climbing with the idea that if one puts oneself in uncomfortable situations daily, then eventually one becomes comfortable with discomfort -- which exercises both our physical abilities and our everyday interaction abilities. In addition she is excited to have been accepted into her dream nursing program! She also has become a Toastmasters member and is now applying for a tutoring position at school.

Rivka, our first grantee from Florida, was born in Moldavia. She lived in Israel before emigrating to the United States at the age of six. While in Israel, at the age of three, she lost much of her hearing. Both her parents also have severe hearing losses. Nevertheless, Rivka has managed to succeed, while helping her parents, who only speak Russian.

Rivka enjoys athletic activities like swimming and gymnastics, has been a volunteer for the Humane Society, and has worked part-time as an orthodontic assistant and gymnastic instructor to help the family make ends meet.

Rivka is attending Florida Atlantic University, with one option being neonatal nursing, and reports that "everything is going well." She was busy during the summer of 2015 taking five classes. As always, she found time to do other things, like developing an interest in biking. She rides up to 35 miles at a time, around nearby cities and along her favorite place, the East coast. She enjoys the interesting architecture and attractive sights. She rotates exercise daily between swimming, yoga, running, and Zumba!