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Four Days
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Scholarship Recipients

Scott Scott hails from Pennsylvania. He has had a progressive hearing loss throughout his life, due to Brown Vialetto Van Laere disease, which also limits his ability to walk, as well as affecting his balance, coordination, resistance to fatigue, and completion of day-to-day activities. Scott has done a remarkable job of dealing with his disabilities. He did well in high school as well as his first year of college. For example, he was chosen by his high school principal to be the project leader for a team of students that created a teacher evaluation application for the Peters Township School District (his home school district) to comply with a Pennsylvania Department of Education mandate.

Scott's letters of support highlight how extraordinary he is, with comments such as, "How could one not be impressed to see someone so young have such strength of character and maturity." Scott continues at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), where he is majoring in software engineering.

Scott finished up year 4 (of 5) in his program at RIT. He spent the spring semester on co-op, working at RIT's SITO office, which is a student-only team that produces a major academic application used by several thousand students. Among other responsibilities, he got to architect a complete overhaul of the system, resulting in a dramatic speedup for users. He also had non-technical responsibilities such as leading meetings and reviewing resumes of applicants for the next team.

Scott states that he has mixed feelings about this being his last year. On one hand, it's hard to believe college is almost over. On the other, he is ready to do what he calls "real-world stuff!"