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Scholarship Recipients

Susan Susan was the very first of her family to attend college. She hoped to become a registered nurse, and studied Medical Careers Technology in high school. When she applied to college, however, she was told that she couldn't enter the nursing program because of her hearing impairment. Susan refused to give up; she knew she could handle the job, and with a new cochlear implant and a hearing aid, proved she could hear IV buzzers, patient calls, and ringing telephones. Furthermore she communicated well with patients, even in noisy environments. As a result, she was accepted into the nursing program. With the help of our generous contributors, we're happy to have played a part in making that venture possible.

Susan was born with a profound hearing loss, but aided by a supportive family network, she learned to sign dexterously and has developed fine oral skills; her speech is completely intelligible. Fully mainstreamed through elementary and high school, she was an exceptional student while competing with normal hearing individuals. Her marking-period grades -- for attendance, work ethic, and exams -- are all A's.

Susan finishes any task put before her with pride, never allowing her hearing impairment to stand in her way; she treats it as a mild nuisance. Conscientious and caring, she was always a role model for fellow students. To help defray educational expenses, she worked part-time outside school, where she caught on quickly to new challenges and interacted exceptionally well with customers and other employees. Letters of recommendation from counselors and an employer made it clear that Susan is mature, bright, and energetic.

(Susan's name was changed for this bio.)